Learn about our history and philosophy

Our company was born from the idea of ​​its creator, Dr. Alessandro Lanata, a doctor specializing in integrative medicine, to offer his patients the opportunity to consume healthy but rich snacks; thus giving the opportunity to obtain tasty and natural products.

Since its creation as a brand, Quimachi has installed an original concept from its meaning “QUI” for quinoa, “MA” for maca and “CHI” for chia; Peruvian autochthonous products that have been a trend in super foods for centuries that provide a high nutritional level and allow their consumers to obtain super foods with the taste of a gourmet product.

In 2017 Quimachi, worldwide, He has participated in different international events and fairs such as Anuga, Sial, VitalFood and Igeho. This growth in the international market generated that in 2018 the company settled physically in Switzerland. The objective is to give a sustained increase to its direct distribution within the European market, thus maintaining manufacturing in its country of origin, Peru. Quimachi makes gourmet products using molecular cuisine as a form of gastronomic development and innovation. Based on natural and healthy inputs, our company is in charge of the execution and care of the manufacturing process, from obtaining supplies, developing the kitchen, and even packaging and sealing the products. This will make a difference within the food market, thus placing Quimachi within the category of self-sustaining and “eco-friendly” companies worldwide.

Its Snacks, unique in their field, use the dehydration process to achieve the different types of snack without adding any type of artificial flavorings, sugars, preservatives or any other type of component that could be harmful to health and makes them suitable for people who want to take care not only their way of eating but also their health without losing the taste of enjoying a delicious snack.

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    Super Foods

    We only use the best local organic ingredients

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    No flavorings or chemicals

    We use dehydration techniques based on natural and healthy inputs

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    No flavorings or chemicals

    Quimachi does not add any chemicals to its products


Reasons to get Quimachi

We strive to change the consumption of Snacks for the better, these are some of our key points


Organic ingredients

All Quimachi products are produced only with fruits and vegetables obtained by rural farmers and grown organically.



Our plant and way of working is eco-sustainable with "Non-Organic Waste 0", this promotes care and contribution to the environment.


Rich on Vitamins

All Quimachi products maintain the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. By agreeing to these, products rich in nutrients are achieved, turning them into Super Food.


Great Support and Shipping

Get a comprehensive system of personalised attention and dispatches to the whole world.



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