Quimachi - A fresh concept for healthy Snacks


Step 1

Training and concept

Our company specializes in healthy food development and innovation. Using molecular cuisine as the main tool. This type of cuisine plays with the textures and shapes of the inputs without using additives or extras in the development process.

The cooking method used in QUIMACHI is dehydrated, which allows maintaining the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables used, leaving aside all kinds of oils-fats or lipids required for manufacturing; another benefit of dehydration is the preservation of food for long periods of time without the use of chemical preservatives.

An important detail of QUIMACHI products is that they do not have added sugars, colorants, chemicals or any type of additives as the snacks that we commonly consume usually have.


Step 2


QUIMACHI uses for its snacks all kinds of vegetables - fruits and nuts that provide the body with high levels of nutrients and that can be adapted to any type of diet.

The origin of the supplies used by our company come mainly from the high Andean areas of Peru , for example: at the level of vegetables and some fruits, such as cabbages or tuverculos come from the cities of Arequipa, Cusco, Huaraz, Huarochirí; Regarding fruits, the areas of the Peruvian Coast such as the Jungle allow us to provide ourselves with all kinds of fruits and nuts. The inputs that Peru's own geography provides us, allow QUIMACHI to manufacture mostly SuperFoods products and innovate year after year with new 100% natural products.

All our supplies come from of rural producers who maintain methods of agriculture free of chemical or external products that affect their formation or their nutrition. Using local ancestral forms, such as the Andean terraces created by the Incas, the farmers avoid with this method all kinds of pests or external conditions typical in agriculture. All of our producers belong to groups of certified rural workers who maintain high standards of crops and labor policies that contribute to the growth of local communities.


Step 3

Process line

The line of processes and productive development of QUIMACHI is based on planning under the needs of our public and the lack in the market of products that allow a diet rich in flavor but healthy.

Today our company has different product lines, for example a line of Savory Snacks, a line of Sweet Snacks, a line of Fruit Flakes and a line of Savory Cookies. Always working from natural products, the flavors obtained are 100% fruits and vegetables. For all these types of products, QUIMACHI uses EcoFriendly production systems, developing 0% solid waste. , thus avoiding contamination.


Step 4

Packaging and Conservation

Quimachi uses environmentally friendly products for its storage, both for conservation and storage in our processing plant and for our final packaging.

With a sealstrip system, our packages allow easy opening with the possibility of consuming part of the content and saving it again without losing the quality of the product. Another benefit of our bags is their trilaminate system that helps to preserve the dehydrated product, extending its life and taking care of external conditions to the product.


Step 5

Distribution to stores and Direct Sales

QUIMACHI products are marketed and sold by the main gourmet stores and Bios in Peru. QUIMACHI is also growing within the international market and can be found in gourmet stores such as Jelmoli in Zurich.

Our commitment to our clients is based on the care, not only of our products, but also in their presentation and sale; seeking and demanding high levels of quality.


Step 6

From the garden to your hands

QUIMACHI has developed snacks that allow consumers to experience a natural product without losing the flavor and texture of gourmet products. In the continuous search for innovation in the food industry, QUIMACHI presents a new way of looking at food natural foods such as vegetables and fruits for consumption projecting the future of snacks in the world.


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